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Benefits of Laser Cutting ...

Using an external laser cutting service offers several important benefits:

Practical & Easy Solution

In case you have your technical drawings and specifications at hand, you will be able to get several quotes from different suppliers often in a matter of hours. Once you place the order you can focus on the other aspects of your production process knowing that your order will be taken care off and normally delivered ready for use.


Metal cutting does require some technical expertise. By using an external laser cutting service you will be able to benefit from the experience & expertise of specialists. Starting from input on your technical drawings to managing the cutting process itself, and doing secondary operations to perfect & finish each component.

No Initial Outlay

Probably the most important benefit for many producers is that you don’t have to purchase a laser or other metal cutting machine. Purchasing your own CNC machine would require a significant investment, ranging from 50.000 to 500.000 GBP depending on exact requirements and cutting process chosen (plasma vs laser)

No Maintenance & Training

Owning a CNC cutting machine means you will also be responsible for the proper maintenance of these complex machines, as well as ensuring your operators are properly trained to operate them correctly and safely. Failure to meet either of these requirements could result in possible downtime of the machine and accumulating costs.

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